The original by-laws are available in Danish here

§ 1: The name of the association is "Danish Electrochemical Society". Its head office is in Copenhagen. The association is represented financially by the treasurer.

§ 2: The society aims to extend knowledge of electrochemical science and technology, and to establish cooperation between the people who work in this field. Society events must always be organized in such a way that the personal contact between members is promoted.

§ 3: Membership is open to anyone interested. Application for admission is forwarded to the board. The board determines the uptake of personal and corporate members.

§ 4: The board of the society consists of six members. Each board member is elected for 3 years. Two substitutes are elected every year. In case a board member wants to leave out of turn, the first elected substitute enters the board.

§ 5: The board constitutes itself after each general assembly by electing a chairman, a vice-chairman, and a treasurer among its members. The chairman is elected for one year at a time.

§ 6: The board appoints a secretary who participates in the board meetings. The salary of the secretary is decided at the general assembly. The treasurer makes out the accounts of the society. The financial year is from September 1st to August 31st. The treasurer submits the accounts to the two auditors before the general assembly and not later than September 15.The auditors are elected at the general assembly.

§ 7: The general assembly is held between September 15th and December 31st, with the following agenda:

  • Appointment of the chairman of the assembly
  • The chairman of the society presents the yearly report
  • The treasurer reports on the audited accounts
  • Election of board members, substitutes, and auditors
  • The chairman of the society presents the activity plan for the coming year
  • The treasurer presents the proposed budget and society dues
  • Any other business

The general assembly is announced with 2 weeks’ notice. The announcement is accompanied by an agenda. At the general assembly changes of the by-laws of the society can be decided. The proposed changes of the by-laws are submitted together with the announcement of the general assembly. Decisions according to new by-laws cannot be executed until the next general assembly.

§ 8: The board may announce an extraordinary general assembly with 2 weeks’ notice. In case 10 members in writing request an extraordinary general assembly, the board shall announce it within 2 months.

§ 9: The association can be terminated by written ballot among the members. The use of the funds of the society shall be proposed at the same occasion.